In 1976, Mrs Cynthia Lee Mack nee Rocke, joined the teaching staff at St. Joseph Convent in San Fernando. She collaborated with Mr Anthony Lee Mack, the Music Teacher at the Presentation College, San Fernando in 1977, and formed the PresCon Choir.

Music love
Music teachers Cynthia and Anthony Lee Mack are hugged by their former students Kees Dieffenthaller, left, and Machel Montano. Photos: Tony Howell

Over the years, with the new administration at the Convent, it became extremely difficult to recruit girls for the choir. Mrs. Lee Mack then extended an invitation to children from many schools in San Fernando and environs to join. The Choir’s name was subsequently changed to Presentation College Mixed Choir.

After retiring, Mrs Lee Mack became concerned about the choir’s future. She asked Mr Peter Lockhart to apply for the position of Music Teacher in Presentation College. After successful application he joined the staff in September of 2009, assuming Directorship of the Choir as part of his duties. The Lee Mack couple still assist with conducting and accompanying the group on occasion.

Their repertoire over the years has included such genres as classical, oratorio, opera, art songs, broadway, contemporary gospel, sacred music, spirituals, jazz, pop, calypso, folk and parang. The Department has produced an annual musical at venues such as the Naparima Bowl and Queen’s Hall. Many of these musicals have been recorded and televised.

The Department has always encouraged students to compete in local festivals such as, the Lions Club Competition, the San Fernando City Junior Competition as well as the prestigious Trinidad and Tobago Biennial Music Festival.

Pres Mixed Choir in London
Presentation College Mixed Choir on their 2013  London Tour